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Weekend is Over

My weekend began by finishing up a wedding quilt for my friends Stephanie and Brandt. Then we spent a good deal of Saturday at their wedding reception. The quilt is throw sized, all cotton, sort of free-formed. The color palette for the quilt was inspired by Stephanie’s lovely jewelry.

Then Sunday Dan and I went with a couple of our friends on a hike, to a lake, up in the Cascades. It was about an hour drive from Seattle and a 2.5 hour hike total. We saw a lot of nurse trees and some snow pack. It was kind of funny to think that it’s August, 80 degrees out, and we’re walking around on snow.

In this last image there is a young tree growing off of the upper nodule on the old tree. Also the young tree is possibly a different type of tree than the older one.

Fish On!

Another weekend has come and gone. I took a lot of photos with my iphone, so please excuse the blur.

This past weekend started on Friday, by riding a couple of Dan’s mopeds down to Add-A-Ball in Fremont, for the Mosquito Fleet’s bi-annual “Blood Drive” rally. He rode his Batavus and I rode his Peugeot

On Saturday we drove down to Aberdeen, WA (home of Kurt Cobain).

Then onto Westport, WA where we hung out on the beach while a couple of the guys in our party surfed, then we camped out for the night.

Sunday was a full, cold and foggy, day beginning at 4:00 am where we headed down to the docks to board the fishing boat “Tally-ho”. We spent all day Sunday salmon fishing. There were eight of us in our party, a few guys in another party, the captain, and two deckhands. We got back to the dock around 4:30 pm. It was a long, fun and exhausting day.

At one point, everyone next two me stepped back from their poles, and I loved watching the poles move up and down with the rocking of the boat. It was as if the poles were an ocean wave themselves.


Dan and I each caught a couple of decent sized king salmons. Neither of ours were big enough to win the derby, but we definitely have quite a bit of salmon now.

A cool thing about the salmon that I caught, is that it’s from a hatchery. In Washington they breed salon in hatcheries and release the juvenile fish into ocean.  In low salmon count years you can only keep the hatchery salmon. These salmon have an rfid tag in their nose and if you catch one, the sate records it, and will mail you information on the salmon that you caught. I’ll post more about this when I get the story on my fish from the state.

I know this blog is starting to read like a fishing blog, but my intention for it is to document my work, my process, and my experiences traveling and living in the Pacific Northwest. Being an East Coast girl, this latter part is especially new and exciting for me and fishing is definitely part of the Pacific Northwest culture.

Weekend is Over

We had a great weekend that started on Friday with crabbing off the dock. Not our most productive crabbing. We were only able to keep a couple of red crabs. All the dungeness of size may be all fished out. We also pulled in this enormous starfish in our cage trap, twice. Then the folks next to us caught it as well. Finally I threw it over the other side of the dock so that we’d stop catching it.

This photo is of me about to throw it back in and a random rollerblader that stopped by to check it out.

I made a video of our Friday night crabbing outing so you can see how amazing the starfish looks in action.

Also, I should say that the politically correct name is sea star, since they aren’t fish. But, I grew up calling them starfish, so starfish they will always be to me. Just as I will probably always call an Apatosaurus, Brontosaurus.

The weekend ended with some high-speed go kart racing. Super fun, but now I’m super sore.

Rustic Dish Earrings

Yesterday was a lovely day. I spent most of the day working in the studio. I made several pairs of the dish earrings in preparation for Renegade.

Also, my show cards came in yesterday.

The day ended with some crab fishing off the pier and watching the sunset. We caught 3 large dungeness, half of what we caught the night before, but seeing that 1–1.5 makes a big meal, I think we have plenty for the moment.

4th of July

July 4th started for me with some jewelry making. I worked on this new design for these earrings. They were inspired by helicopter seed pods. I really love the way that they look on.


Then we went putting around Lake Union on one of Dan’s boats. It’s a little aluminum Crestliner, and Dan has been working on the engine and replacing the seats in it, so yesterday was the first time we got to take it out.


Here’s a photo that I took with my phone of the massive amounts of people at Gas Works park.


Sun set and we were on a friend’s boat to watch the fireworks. I was so happy to be back in Seattle and on a boat for the fireworks display.