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Weekend is Over

My weekend began by finishing up a wedding quilt for my friends Stephanie and Brandt. Then we spent a good deal of Saturday at their wedding reception. The quilt is throw sized, all cotton, sort of free-formed. The color palette for the quilt was inspired by Stephanie’s lovely jewelry.

Then Sunday Dan and I went with a couple of our friends on a hike, to a lake, up in the Cascades. It was about an hour drive from Seattle and a 2.5 hour hike total. We saw a lot of nurse trees and some snow pack. It was kind of funny to think that it’s August, 80 degrees out, and we’re walking around on snow.

In this last image there is a young tree growing off of the upper nodule on the old tree. Also the young tree is possibly a different type of tree than the older one.

Rustic Dish Earrings

Yesterday was a lovely day. I spent most of the day working in the studio. I made several pairs of the dish earrings in preparation for Renegade.

Also, my show cards came in yesterday.

The day ended with some crab fishing off the pier and watching the sunset. We caught 3 large dungeness, half of what we caught the night before, but seeing that 1–1.5 makes a big meal, I think we have plenty for the moment.

Cross-country Road Trip

On June 9th Dan and I started on our second cross-country road trip together (and my seventh). Our first cross-country trip together was in 2010 when I moved from Seattle to New York. Now, two years later I am moving back to Seattle, and Dan rode out with me again.


This is the route that we took.


We saw a lot of amazing countryside, checked out some great antique stores, and took hundreds of pictures along the way. I took a lot of pictures of the industrial landscape, and was particularly in love with the industrial buildings in St. Louis, MO.


We rode the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburg.


We saw this amazing sunset in Utah. In this photo the sunset is reflected on the roof of the car.


And drove along the Columbia River George in Oregon.


We’ll arrive in Seattle tomorrow evening then I will be busy getting ready for the Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco.