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Craigslist Find

I have a love hate relationship with Craigslist, and yesterday was no exception. Lately I’ve been searching for two things on there – a Canon Rebel T2i DSLR and a Vika Artur Ikea table. I found both on there the other day, and made plans to get the items yesterday evening. But after a few emails coordinating time and location to get the camera, the guy emails me and tells me that he sold it to someone else, and that is my problem with Craigslist. Often times people make verbal or email agreements to buy things from sellers on Craigslist, who then break that agreement and sell it to someone else.

This brings me to the love part of Craigslist. I have found some great stuff on there and met some really cool people in the process. So I went to go pick up the table and it was perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. I wanted this table because the height is adjustable so I can raise it to match the height of my bench.

But, the coolest part of it was that the woman (Tamara) who was selling it told me that all of the money from the items, that she is selling on Craigslist, go towards a bunny shelter for rescue bunnies. Yes, that’s right a bunny shelter! Then she asked me if I wanted to meet one of the bunnies, which is when I went into a state of cute overload shock. I have never seen a bunny like this, so nothing in my life had prepared me for this level of in-person cuteness. Just look at that fantastic haircut on that bunny.
The organization that Tamara is raising funds for is Special Bunny, and they are having a benefit auction and Greek fest on October 20th in Edmonds. If you are in the Seattle area and love bunnies, you should go to this auction.