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Last Weekend of Summer is Over

We went with a bunch of friends, out to the Olympic Peninsula this weekend, to go camping on the side of the Sol Duc River. On Saturday, we went out to Cape Flattery, to the most Northwest point of the continental US. Sunday we checked out a junk shop where I got this sweet typewriter for $3. It was a great way to spend the last weekend of summer. Here are some of my Instagram photos from this weekend. Also, you can follow me on Instagram @bittersweetproject. 

Weekend is Over

This weekend was spent on Vashon Island for the VME’s Isle of Vashon. A motorcycle event that all different types of motorcyclist and scooter riders participate in. Although it is hosted by The Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiast Club, it is really meant just for vintage bikes. Isle of Vashon involves a poker run around the island, and is a great place to see some fantastic vintage bikes and PNW scenery. We arrived on Saturday, camped out with a bunch of other motorcyclist, went on the ride Sunday, then headed back to Seattle Sunday evening.

This is my bike – a 2006 Ducati Monster 620 Dark.

This was probably my favorite bike that day. It was put together by Dan’s friend Chris Russell’s bike, and it has such a lovely patina. It is actually very carefully constructed, and he has searched for a long time to find just the right parts for it. Intentionally weathered without looking contrived. Something that I spend a lot of time pondering.

Just two more beautiful vintage bikes that were there.

The ferry ride back had lots of bikes on it, however some of the earlier ferries leaving the island are completely full of motorcycles. My bike has the arrow pointed at it.

When Dan and I got home we watched Quadrophenia which has just come out on DVD. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s a must watch! It’s all about teenage angst, and it’s based on The Who’s rock album Quadrophenia. The direction in this movie is amazing. The characters are so relatable and of course the bikes are fantastic.

“We are mods. We are mods. We are we are we are mods. We are mods. We are mods. We are we are we are mods. We are mods. We are mods. We are we are we are mods. We are mods. We are mods. We are we are we are mods…”

Long Weekend is Over

Labor day weekend was busy, good, and full of beautiful sunsets.

Thursday evening we did some crabbing off the pier. Since it was the last weekend for crabbing this year, we did a lot of it.

Friday evening I had photos taken of my jewelry by Cat of Impostor Magazine and True Life Photography.

And Friday’s sunset.

Saturday we took an Argosy Cruise to Tilicum Village on Blake Island.  Blake Island is a 475 acre island that is primarily a state park, and is only about 4 miles out from West Seattle. We went out on the early boat and walked around the island – checking out the tide pools.

Then we headed back to the “village”, which is made to seem like a historical village of the Suquamish tribe (who lived on Blake Island in the summers), when in fact is really just a building built in 1962, possibly for the Seattle World’s Fair.

They do however do a traditional Salish style salmon bake where the salmon is held open by cedar sticks and slow cooked by an open alder wood fire. The salmon was delicious, and next time I catch a whole salmon I’d like to try cooking it like this.

After dinner we had a few minutes to walk around before boarding the boat back to Seattle. Mount Rainier looked amazing from the beach. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera, so all my photos were taken on my iPhone, thus a big blurry.

Sunday we went to the Evergreen State Fair and watched the demo derby as well as some guy light a van on fire while inside it. I didn’t get the camera out in time to see them set the explosives off, but you can see him emerging from the flaming van.

Finally the long weekend ended with lots of crabbing of the pier. Our last day was really successful. We caught a lot of rock crab, which we will make into crab cakes, but we also caught our largest Dungeness yet.

Now it’s time to get back to work and make some more jewelry.