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Craigslist Find

I have a love hate relationship with Craigslist, and yesterday was no exception. Lately I’ve been searching for two things on there – a Canon Rebel T2i DSLR and a Vika Artur Ikea table. I found both on there the other day, and made plans to get the items yesterday evening. But after a few emails coordinating time and location to get the camera, the guy emails me and tells me that he sold it to someone else, and that is my problem with Craigslist. Often times people make verbal or email agreements to buy things from sellers on Craigslist, who then break that agreement and sell it to someone else.

This brings me to the love part of Craigslist. I have found some great stuff on there and met some really cool people in the process. So I went to go pick up the table and it was perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. I wanted this table because the height is adjustable so I can raise it to match the height of my bench.

But, the coolest part of it was that the woman (Tamara) who was selling it told me that all of the money from the items, that she is selling on Craigslist, go towards a bunny shelter for rescue bunnies. Yes, that’s right a bunny shelter! Then she asked me if I wanted to meet one of the bunnies, which is when I went into a state of cute overload shock. I have never seen a bunny like this, so nothing in my life had prepared me for this level of in-person cuteness. Just look at that fantastic haircut on that bunny.
The organization that Tamara is raising funds for is Special Bunny, and they are having a benefit auction and Greek fest on October 20th in Edmonds. If you are in the Seattle area and love bunnies, you should go to this auction.

Weekend is Over

This weekend was spent on Vashon Island for the VME’s Isle of Vashon. A motorcycle event that all different types of motorcyclist and scooter riders participate in. Although it is hosted by The Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiast Club, it is really meant just for vintage bikes. Isle of Vashon involves a poker run around the island, and is a great place to see some fantastic vintage bikes and PNW scenery. We arrived on Saturday, camped out with a bunch of other motorcyclist, went on the ride Sunday, then headed back to Seattle Sunday evening.

This is my bike – a 2006 Ducati Monster 620 Dark.

This was probably my favorite bike that day. It was put together by Dan’s friend Chris Russell’s bike, and it has such a lovely patina. It is actually very carefully constructed, and he has searched for a long time to find just the right parts for it. Intentionally weathered without looking contrived. Something that I spend a lot of time pondering.

Just two more beautiful vintage bikes that were there.

The ferry ride back had lots of bikes on it, however some of the earlier ferries leaving the island are completely full of motorcycles. My bike has the arrow pointed at it.

When Dan and I got home we watched Quadrophenia which has just come out on DVD. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s a must watch! It’s all about teenage angst, and it’s based on The Who’s rock album Quadrophenia. The direction in this movie is amazing. The characters are so relatable and of course the bikes are fantastic.

“We are mods. We are mods. We are we are we are mods. We are mods. We are mods. We are we are we are mods. We are mods. We are mods. We are we are we are mods. We are mods. We are mods. We are we are we are mods…”

Printable Weekly To Do Lists

In order to keep organized, I am a big list maker. I also love forms. I use to use this form by Knock Knock, which is great, but I wanted to start making a list for the whole week instead of each day.

So I made up my own printable to do list. I also prefer to type rather than write things by hand, so I made it a fillable .pdf form.

Here it is available in two colorways, and as a .jpg, a regular .pdf, and a fillable .pdf form. These form are intended for personal use, but please feel free to use, distribute, and pin these forms.

Click on the image above to go to the full size .jpg, or click here for the .pdf, or here for the fillable form .pdf.

Click on the image above to go to the full size .jpg, or click here for the .pdf, or here for the fillable form .pdf.

Renegade Buys

I bought some sweet stuff, and made a couple of choice trades, when I was at Renegade San Francisco. So, I thought that over the next few weeks I’d share with you my new handmade goodies that I am loving.

I bought a wallet for my brother for his birthday from Couch Guitar Straps – a maker from Long Beach, CA that repurposed old car vinyl to create wallets, guitar straps, belts and other accessories. And by using the car vinyl, all his accessories are vegan, which is sometimes hard to find in belts and wallets.

The wallet that I got for Sean is this one:

Made from this:

Dan also picked up a couple of things from him. A wallet and this black and white belt.

Should I Work For Free?

Jessica Hische has made this fantastic chart “Should I Work for Free?” – something that all artist should have hanging in their studio, and something my mom would love. According to her chart that’s the easiest answer – yes you should work for your mom for free.


She sells lovely letterpress prints of this in her Big Cartel shop, and you can also check out an interactive online version that can be translated into any language.

In addition she makes some beautiful fonts.


I also love this note pad to invoice people who have ruined your day. True to any letterpress printer worth their salt, she gives you wonderful details about the paper each part is printed on. “The covers are letter-pressed on 100lb Cover French Paper (Steel Blue from their “Construction” line) and the interiors are 2 color offset on 80lb ivory paper.”

So smooth

As a jeweler my hands take a lot of abuse and are always dry. Regular lotion never seems to work for me. It just doesn’t seem to soak in. I picked up this bar of lotion from Clean Getaway Soap Co. and I love it. I got the vanilla scent, which is not too overpowering, and my hands feel so much better because of it. Thanks Clean Getaway!

Weekend is Over

We had a great weekend that started on Friday with crabbing off the dock. Not our most productive crabbing. We were only able to keep a couple of red crabs. All the dungeness of size may be all fished out. We also pulled in this enormous starfish in our cage trap, twice. Then the folks next to us caught it as well. Finally I threw it over the other side of the dock so that we’d stop catching it.

This photo is of me about to throw it back in and a random rollerblader that stopped by to check it out.

I made a video of our Friday night crabbing outing so you can see how amazing the starfish looks in action.

Also, I should say that the politically correct name is sea star, since they aren’t fish. But, I grew up calling them starfish, so starfish they will always be to me. Just as I will probably always call an Apatosaurus, Brontosaurus.

The weekend ended with some high-speed go kart racing. Super fun, but now I’m super sore.