I keep hearing about Evernote and all it’s benefits, but I still love my Moleskine, so this sounds pretty enticing.


Evernote CEO Phil Libin said today that he doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about competition, but he admits that there has been one “age-old rivalry” — with pen-and-paper. Hearing about people who still take notes on paper is “infuriating,” Libin said, in part because he still does it himself.

“This is a fight that many people in the technology space have been fighting,” Libin said. Today, however, “we are announcing a cease-fire.”

Specifically, Libin, who was speaking at the Evernote Trunk Conference (where he also announced Evernote Business), brought Arrigo Berni, CEO of notebook company Moleskine, on-stage with him to announce a partnership on something called the Evernote Smart Notebook. The idea is to bridge the digital and analog worlds, allowing you to take notes physically, then import those notes into Evernote.

So the smart notebook uses specially formatted paper that allows it to work with…

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